2016 Iran Health Machinery Exhibition

Hywell take Iran Health Machinery Exhibition from 16-18th May, welcome to our booth,Booth No.44B-18

Hywell Machinery company proffesional to design and manufacture the Granulator Machine and Fluidizing Granulating Machine that include FL Fluidizing Granulating Machine, welcome to contact us and we will offer competitive price !

Fliuidizing Granulation Machine(Fluid Bed Drying Granulator) is Mixing, Granulator and drying processes are completed in one step inside the machine.The operation is safe because the anti-static filter cloth adopted.It's safe for operator if explosion take place, because explosion device is adopted.The loading and unloading are quick, light and clean, meet the requirements of GMP.

Fluidizing Granulating Machine

Fluidizing Granulating Machine,Granulator Machine,One-step Granulator,Fluid Bed Drying Granulator

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