Automatic, long-distance RFID vehicle identification management

For enterprise guards or park gatekeepers, it is an important and tedious task to quickly and accurately identify which vehicles are internal and release them automatically. Although most enterprises and parks currently use barriers or automatic retractable doors, they still need to be identified by the guards or managers before they can release vehicles. Barrier shrink and automatic doors, although known as "automatic", but in fact, achieve the function or "semi-automatic", still need human intervention can achieve this vehicle management work for the enterprise and guard managers, if the vehicle suddenly appeared out of the number of With more situations (such as: holding meetings, visiting/learning from outsiders), the company must add manpower to ensure the smooth entry and exit of the vehicle. This is quite inconvenient!

But in fact, if the use of RFID windshield tags in advance to identify the identity of the vehicle, you can remove this happens, just ahead of the vehicle meets the requirements of the installed RFID tags ETAG-T502 (self-adhesive installation, with tear-proof function , tear off and destroy, and at the same time add the basic information of the vehicle to the software system, it can automatically realize the automatic identification and release of the vehicle, which greatly reduces the inconvenience and potential safety problems of the manual operation at the scene.
RFID vehicle automatic recognition site map
Park vehicle automatic recognition scene map

How should it be achieved in the end? In this regard, Sensitives had realized the use of RFID technology to realize the automatic identification of internal vehicles as early as many years ago, which prevented the entry of illegal foreign vehicles and ensured the internal safety of the park. In the technology, since the RFID reader may be within 20 meters into the vehicle can be timely identification of the vehicle, should an RFID reader (ETAG-R501) within the system database matches the data transfer the data back, the direct authorization The vehicle enters, realizes the automatic fast raising and lowering the railing, does not need the human participation to confirm the identity in the entire journey, completely automatic operation.

RFID Vehicle Identification Management System - New Vehicle Software Interface
RFID Vehicle Identification Management System - New Vehicle Software Interface

RFID Vehicle Identification Management System - Vehicle History In/Out Record Interface
RFID Vehicle Identification Management System - Vehicle History In/Out Record Interface

In addition, because the vehicle dispenses an RFID windshield tag for identity identification, the system records basic vehicle information such as tag number, license plate number, driver, and vehicle model. At the same time can record the history of the vehicle in and out, this system design can not only control the vehicle but also can achieve the retrospective management of the vehicle's historical information, in front of the company or the park to ensure vehicle safety management.

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