Behind the Apollo Private Equity Fund is the acquisition of Lumileds or deposits in China.

This year, the international large-scale LED factory is competing for sale, but the timing has entered the end of 2016. At present, only Philips' Lumileds is sold to the American Apollo Private Equity Fund to confirm the transaction. The two parties are expected to complete the transaction in the first half of 2017. However, the domestic LED factory believes that Apollo Behind the private equity fund is still Chinese-funded, and it will be difficult to talk about whether there will be variables in the future. The LED industry is fiercely competitive. It is not slowed down because of the 45% LED lighting penetration rate next year. Instead, many international companies are waiting in line to sell. Cree, Osram's LEDVANCE and equipment manufacturer AIXTRON (Ai Siqiang) There are sales plans, and the target of the intention is to be a big land-based factory, but because of the Chinese-funded color, the German and US governments have successively blocked the acquisition, which led to the delay in the acquisition. For example, the team of Mulinsen’s funds was originally set at 400 million euros. The acquisition of LEDVANCE was blocked, and the German government claimed at the end of October that it would need to re-examine the assessment. The only deal that was sold this year was that Lumileds sold it to Apollo Private Equity for $2 billion. Compared to last year's Jinshajiang Group's bid of $3.31 billion, Apollo Private Equity only spent 40% off, although private equity funds won. Lumileds is the best result of the Taiwanese industry. At least it is neutral for Jingdian. However, some manufacturers have pointed out that there is still a Chinese color behind the Apollo private equity fund. It remains to be seen whether the transaction will be completed in the first half of 2017 as scheduled. . Yesterday, the domestic LED lamp factory Li Qing listed on the first day of the stock price rose more than 80%, but the LED stocks did not play a little incentive. In fact, the entire LED industry is still in the adjustment period this year. The market does not expect much from the financial report. As the PE stocks at this stage are not high, the new listed stocks of LED applications will be more suggestively made with the LED industry. Cutting, deeply afraid of the impact of the listing of the P/E ratio, together with the impact of listing financing benefits. In 2016, new listed stocks related to LEDs or applications, including Grand Canyon-KY, Changhua Branch, Liqing, etc., have been different from LED chips or packaging factories listed in the past, and most of them focus on LED applications. Therefore, Li Qing's ingenious hope is classified in the automotive parts and accessories group. As for Changhua Branch's production of EMC brackets for LEDs, the delivery targets are mainly international manufacturers such as Cree and Osram, but they also emphasize that packaging operations will surpass LEDs next year, with particular emphasis on semiconductor packaging concepts. Even the only one in this year, the Grand Canyon-KY, which is listed with LED stocks, is an LED lighting system integration solution manufacturer. However, due to the future planning of content operations, the company has identified LED as a part of the cost structure, and even inquired. The feasibility of changing the literary stocks; although these manufacturers have not stated, but the attempt to cut with LED stocks is self-evident.

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