Borealis plans to build new 350,000 tons/year low density polyethylene plant

Borealis invested 370 million euros in its wire and cable business; a new 350,000-ton/year low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plant; product structure adjustment and modernization; and shutting off a high-cost polyethylene plant of 230,000 tons/year. As a leading supplier of innovative and valued plastic solutions, Borealis will invest 370 million euros in Sweden's Stenungsund to increase its ability to provide high-quality materials to the growing wire and cable industry and the Nordic packaging market.
The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2009, including a new high-pressure LDPE plant of 350,000 tons/year, product structure adjustment and modernization, and related material processing equipment. 230,000 tons/year of old polyethylene capacity will be shut down due to high costs.
This important investment is mainly for cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), which will be put into operation later this year. The investment will also consolidate Borealis’ development position in the wire and cable industry, including the development of an infrastructure system that will ensure safe and reliable power supply to consumers and industry.
David Rolph, executive vice president of Borealis Polyolefins, said: “With well-known brands such as Supercure and Visico, Borealis has become a supplier of high value-added materials for wire and cable infrastructure applications. Investing in this area of ​​business is a value creator. Essentially, we will rely on leadership and experience in the wire and cable and high-end packaging markets to provide favorable conditions for the entire value chain."
Roy Vardheim, Managing Director of Nordic Industries Navia, added: "This investment will also help us to maximize the adaptability of Stenungsund's raw material-olefin-polyolefin integration; at the same time, we will guarantee the competitiveness of our region by improving our overall asset competitiveness. Long-term profit development.” Borealis' overall polyolefin production capacity in Stenungsund will increase from 580,000 tons/year to 700,000 tons/year, and will become a world-famous factory for high-end infrastructure applications.

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