Causes and preventive measures for common cable faults in mines

Causes and measures for phase-to-phase short circuit faults:

(1) When the armored cable joint is made, the process does not meet the requirements, the insulation at the three forks is damaged, the insulation filling in the junction box is aged, cracked and damp; the low-voltage rubber cable is subjected to various serious impacts, and the wiring in the junction box A short circuit fault occurs when there is a burr, water is encountered, and the terminal is connected to a high temperature or an electric spark.

Precautionary measures: Strict wiring process, improve the sealing and insulation of the joints, and prevent the ingress of moisture. Strengthen the inspection to avoid any external impact and damage to people.

(2) The armored tape of the cable is cracked, and the lead package has cracks; the low-pressure rubber cable has a break that reduces the insulation performance of the phase.

Precautions: Strengthen maintenance and avoid mechanical damage. During the laying and moving process, the bending radius should not be less than the minimum allowable bending radius.

(2) Copper - aluminum , aluminum-aluminum joints, improper crimping process, unqualified quality, resulting in poor contact, increased resistance and high temperature and short-circuit faults.

(4) The inventory cable has a long time, the lead seal at both ends is not strict, the insulation is damp, and the test is directly put into operation without causing a short circuit fault.

Precautionary measures: Remove the damp part, first do the withstand voltage test, and then pass the test before passing the test.

Causes and measures for single-phase grounding failure: mechanical damage destroys insulation, cable wiring process is rough, there are burrs, joints fall off and the outer casing, heat compensation or cold compensation quality is unqualified, and “chicken claws” and “sheep tails” appear on the line.

Preventive measures: to strengthen the maintenance and management, eliminate hidden dangers; in strict accordance with the "coal mine safety regulations" require laying, hanging connection.

Causes and measures for cable phase failure: The mining machinery is caught and pulled off; it is cut by sharp objects; the terminals are connected and connected, and the cable is broken.

Preventive measures: Strengthen maintenance and management.

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