"Charging treasure" allows battery commercial vehicles to achieve the freedom

With the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection and the impact of the country’s promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection, battery business has become a hot pursuit for people. However, there is a problem that has always plagued the majority of riders because of the current level of technology. Many battery car storage capacity is not long-lasting, and the domestic charging system is not as convenient as gas stations. But now the good news comes, Tesla's newly developed "Charge Po" can solve this problem.


Tesla recently released a brand-new product, it is not a car, but a huge "charging treasure", a home battery system named PowerWall and a commercial battery system PowerPack. Tesla hopes to change the way people use electricity in this way, and thus set off a true energy revolution and the spread of renewable energy.

According to the vision of Tesla founder Musk, this product has 2 billion cars worldwide, so 2 billion power supplies are feasible. The recently invested 5 billion U.S. dollar super lithium battery factory has set aside more than 30% of its capacity to this charging treasure product.

Some energy experts said that this plan will trigger a truly new energy revolution, radically changing the traditional way of centralized power generation and centralized power supply. The centralized power supply mode will be gradually reduced, and “energy freedom” will change the way of human life. It is envisaged that the plan will be planned and the product will be the product. How to achieve this goal is by no means a smooth solution to the launch of a product.

This household battery system, as envisaged, is connected to the grid (it is not clear whether power can be exchanged to the grid), and it can be used to supply electricity to households at peak hours, which can reduce electricity bills. The second is to connect with solar cells, to charge solar power during the day and use it at night. The third is to charge the Tesla electric vehicle. Say it is a storage (two-way charging and power supply) products. We will not discuss the economical performance of this battery system for the time being, because many people know that Tesla's large-scale charging station is implementing the Tesla electric vehicle for free. Here, I just want to talk about why Tesla wants to produce and promote charging treasures while producing electric cars, to carry out the new energy revolution full of idealism.

The launch of Charging Bao fully embodies the concept of people advocating environmental protection and promoting energy freedom. However, even if there is a reduction in centralized power generation, the power grid will not be cancelled for a while. Solar energy, wind energy and other decentralized energy sources also need to be coordinated and balanced on the power grid. The connection between the electric vehicle and the power grid and the connection between the charging treasure and the power grid will both promote the power balance of the power grid and promote the stable operation of the power grid. Compared with the 2 billion existing cars, electric vehicles will have a substantial increase in production and sales in the coming decades. Perhaps Tesla should consider adding the function of the charging treasure to the electric car he produces, together with the now-introduced charging treasure, to realize the magnificent idea of ​​an energy-free way full of environmental protection ideas. This would be more reliable in any case. .

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