Flotation equipment

The current development of flotation equipment presents the following trends:

(1) Large-scale flotation equipment. With the increase of mineral processing plant daily processing volume, single-slot volume greater than 100m 3 flotation device has been poured into industrial applications, currently more than 500m 3 in the world's largest volume of research flotation machine specifications, the maximum size of the flotation column volumes Up to 220m 3 , the largest flotation machine in China has a volume of 320m 3 , which is also the largest volume flotation machine used in industrial production in the world today.

(2) Energy saving and consumption reduction of flotation equipment is a hot spot in recent flotation research. Through the design of the impeller structure and the application of inflation, the efficiency of the flotation is improved, and the power consumption of the flotation machine is reduced and the wear of the flotation machine components is reduced.

(3) Diversification of flotation equipment. The coarse-grained and fine-grain flotation equipment has been rapidly developed, and the introduction of the composite force field has greatly enhanced the adaptability of the flotation machine to the flotation of different floatable minerals.

(4) The degree of automation control is getting higher and higher.

(5) Research and development of equipment by means of simulation software. The role of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in the design and development of flotation machines is becoming increasingly important.
At present, the representative development and suppliers of flotation equipment at home and abroad mainly include Finnish Outotec Company, American Flsmidth Company, Sweden Metso Company and China's Beijing Mining and Metallurgical Research Institute (BGRIMM). The more typical flotation machines are TankCell series, Wemco series, RCS series and KYF series flotation machine of Beijing Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

1 flotation machine

1 0K-TankCell type flotation machine

Outotec has been in the application and development of flotation machines for more than 50 years. The research and development of TankCell flotation machines began in 1990 and currently has 13 models with an effective volume of 5 to 500 m 3 . The Outotec flotation machine is extremely widely used. More than 4,000 Outotec flotation machines are installed all over the world. The 300m 3 TankCell flotation machine is one of the largest flotation machines in the world, and now Otto Thai has designed a flotation machine with a maximum size of 5OOm 3 .

2 Wemco type flotation machine

The Wemco flotation machine is a self-priming mechanical agitating flotation machine developed by Dorr-oliver Emico (acquired by FLsmidth in the United States in 2007). SuperCells and Wemco1+1 are representative products, which are characterized by a cylindrical body structure, a conical ventilated draft tube and a foam concentrator (pusher) with a venting mechanism away from the groove bottom to reduce dispersion. The wear of the hood and the rotor can be used upside down to realize the interchangeable use of the worn end and the unworn end, which can effectively improve the recovery rate of fine-grain grade minerals, and lower gas, water and energy consumption.

Wemcol+l flotation machine specifications are much smaller than SuperCells flotation machines, and Wemcol+l currently has a maximum effective volume of 84.96 m 3 . The SuperCe11s 130m 3 flotation machine has a total installed capacity of more than 400 units. The SuperCells flotation machine with an effective volume of 257m 3 has also been used in South America. In 2009, two SupercellsTM-300 flotation machines were installed in Rio Tinto, Utah. The Kennecml Coppenon Concentrator was successfully commissioned and successfully applied to the copper and molybdenum mixing process of the concentrator. At present, the maximum effective volume of the SuperCells flotation machine has reached 350m 3 .

Another representative flotation machine of F1smidth is the Dorr-0liver flotation machine, which is an inflatable mechanical agitation flotation machine. The structure is similar to the Outotec flotation machine, and the specification is 0.1-330m 3 .

3 RSCTM flotation machine

The RCS (reactor cell system) flotation machine is an inflatable mechanical agitation flotation machine developed by the Swedish company Mesto. RCS is able to provide a full range of flotation equipment for modern ore processing plants with a flotation cell volume of 5 to 200 m 3 . Its unique deep vane mechanism (DV) impeller is equipped with a unique vertical blade design with a shaped lower edge and air dispersing device. This mechanism is designed to produce a strong radial flow to the tank wall and a strong backflow to the underside of the impeller to prevent deposits of deposits at the bottom of the tank and to provide a strong slurry backflow to the lower part of the impeller to reduce sanding. Vertically diffused blades promote radial flow of the slurry and eliminate the rotational effects of the slurry in the tank.

4 KYF flotation machine and XCF flotation machine

KYF flotation machine and XCF flotation machine are high-efficiency flotation equipment developed by Beijing Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. The maximum single tank volume currently used in actual production is 320m 3 . The maximum volume of single tank designed and produced is 560m 3 . KYF flotation machine and XCF flotation machine are aerated agitation flotation machine. KYF flotation machine and XCF flotation machine can be used alone or in combination. When combined, XCF flotation machine is used as suction tank, KYF flotation machine is used as DC slot. KYF flotation machine and XCF flotation machine are widely used in China. Under normal circumstances, KYF series large flotation machine is used in combination with XCF flotation machine. At present, this type flotation machine has been applied to Wunuugetushan copper-molybdenum mine in Inner Mongolia. Daye concentrator, Group steel, aluminum Plains Branch, Jiuquan Group and other large steel concentrator. In 2010, KYF-320m 3 Inflatable Mechanical Stirring Flotation Machine completed industrial test at Dashan Concentrator of Dexing Copper Mine of Jiangxi Copper Co., Ltd. The index was better than expected. At present, KYF-320m 3 flotation machine has been used at home and abroad. 62 sets, this series of flotation machines are outstanding in energy saving and flotation indicators.

5 JJF flotation machine

JJF flotation equipment is a self-aspirating mechanical stirring flotation machine designed and manufactured by Beijing Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. At present, the maximum effective capacity of JJF flotation machine has reached 200m 3 . The JJF flotation machine has stable slurry surface and is convenient for automatic control, but it can not automatically suck the slurry, which is not convenient for process connection, and most of them are used for stepped configuration [279] . The JJF flotation machine is also widely used in China. In 2009, the JJF-130m 3 flotation machine was successfully tested in the Dongguashan Copper Mine. Under the condition of the same ore grade, the copper grade of the concentrate was 0.22% higher, and the copper grade of the tailings was low. 0.07%, the recovery rate is 3.82%, and the flotation efficiency is 3.70%. The flotation machine flotation performance is better than that of a foreign brand flotation machine, which proves that the flotation machine has good flotation effect and meets the design requirements.

6 other flotation machines

In addition to the above-mentioned several typical flotation equipment, Beijing Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy also designed and manufactured GF flotation machine, BF flotation machine, YX flash flotation machine and CLF coarse particle flotation machine. The GF flotation machine is a self-aspirating mechanical agitation flotation machine. The current single tank has a maximum volume of 5Om 3 . YX flash flotation machine is a flotation equipment developed for the useful minerals in the grinding circuit. It can recover the useful minerals that have been dissociated as soon as possible, prevent the useful minerals from over-grinding and reduce the grinding circuit. The load is characterized by shallow tanks with specifications of 2m 3 , 4m 3 , 6m 3 and 8m 3 . CLF flotation machine is a flotation equipment developed for coarse-grained minerals. There is a grid plate in the tank. The slurry is well circulated, no sinking, and can be started with load. It can realize horizontal configuration and step configuration. Generally, the flotation machine has an optimal flotation particle size of 10 to 100 μm, while the CLF flotation machine can increase the particle size of the selected mineral to 1 mm, but does not affect the collection of fine-grained minerals.

2 flotation column

The flotation column has simple structure, small floor space, safety and energy saving, stable flotation dynamics, small and even distribution, sufficient bubble-particle flotation interface, large enrichment ratio, high recovery rate and fast flotation speed, suitable for fine The classification of granular minerals is easy to achieve automation control and large-scale. Research institutes such as Central South University and China University of Mining and Technology have done a lot of work in the theoretical research on the foaming method of flotation column, bubble dispersion, and the interaction of mineral particles and bubbles. At present, flotation columns are getting more and more attention.

1 Jameson Flotation Column

Australia developed Jameson flotation column flotation column for the jet, used widely in coal flotation in mud, almost dominate the Australian coal flotation, the non-ferrous metal processing plant also has applications, there are also some domestic coal preparation plant equipment.

2 CPT flotation column

The CPT flotation column developed in Canada is a countercurrent flotation device. In 2010, the Yangla Copper Mine No. 1 Concentrator introduced two CPT flotation columns, and the second section of the flotation column was used to replace the three selected KYF/XCF series flotation machines. The copper concentrate grade was 15.34%. Increased to 17.68%, the recovery rate increased from 77.66% to 82.97%. 0h-Hyung Hana, Min-Kyu Kima, Byoung-Gon Kim and others used the modified CPT flotation column to conduct flotation experiments on Hwa-Sun coal anthracite. The recovery rate of clean coal after using CPT flotation column was 85%. The ash removal rate is 81%, which is much higher than the sorting index of traditional equipment.

3 KYZ flotation column

The KYZ flotation column is developed by the Beijing Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. There are two models, KYZB and KYZE. The basic structure is similar. The difference is that KYZB uses air to directly inject bubbles, and KYZE uses mineral gas to mix bubbles. The KYZ series flotation column is mainly composed of a column body, a feeding device, a bubble generating system, a liquid level control system, a foam spray water system and the like. The KYZ series flotation column has a diameter of 0.6-4.3m and a column height of 12m. It is widely used in China.

A molybdenum industry company in Jixian County, Henan Province adopts KYZ4308B flotation column, which can obtain the index that the average grade of molybdenum concentrate is not less than 49% and the recovery rate of flotation operation is more than 80%. In 2009 a phosphate mine in Yunnan industrial test results show that KYZ flotation column, can improve the ore grade is 23% of the grade phosphate rock to 29%, Mgo grade dropped to 1.5%.

4 vortex-static microbubble flotation column

The cyclone-static microbubble flotation column has been widely used in coal slurry flotation and slime treatment. Ren Xiangjun et al. used a cyclone-static emblem flotation column to conduct an experimental study on a gold-bearing slime. The production practice shows that the gold grade of the tailings decreases after the flotation-static microbubble flotation column is used to float the slime separately. At 0.02 g/t, the flotation recovery rate increased by 0.83%. Liu Yang et al. conducted a semi-industrial test on a gold-bearing ore in Shandong using a cyclone-static microbubble flotation column developed by China University of Mining and Technology. When the gold grade of the slime was about 2.21 g/t, the gold grade was obtained. The gold concentrate with a recovery rate of about 98.98g/t and a gold recovery rate of about 88.15% is about 15g/t higher than the gold concentrate of the semi-industrial test of the flotation machine, and the recovery rate is about 15% higher. Cyclone - static microbubble flotation column flotation fine titanium ore and magnetite terms of the effect is better, you can get a higher recovery and concentrate grade.

5 CCF flotation column

Developed by Changsha Nonferrous Metallurgy Research and Design Institute, CCF flotation column is a countercurrent inflatable flotation column. The column uses a new external bubble generator with a large capacity per unit volume. Luomo Group carried out large-scale transformation of the selected process of 5000t/d beneficiation workshop, and selected and followed up the operation by CCF flotation column. The output of 51% high-grade molybdenum concentrate was greatly improved, and satisfactory results were obtained. Jinduicheng Molybdenum Co., Ltd. improved the original selection process of Baihualing Concentrator, and replaced the original 22 BF flotation machines with 5 CCF flotation columns. The application of the CCF flotation column simplifies the process and increases the degree of automation. Under the premise of ensuring that the recovery rate of the selected section is not reduced, the taste of molybdenum concentrate is increased from 52.36% to 57.58%.

3 flotation equipment in other fields of application

1 Renewable resource utilization

Flotation equipment is mainly used in waste paper deinking and plastic flotation in the field of renewable resource utilization. Flotation is an important part of waste paper deinking treatment. Due to the development of flotation deinking technology, flotation deinking equipment is also constantly developing and innovating. At present, the common deinking flotation machines at home and abroad include SWEMAC column flotation machine, Lamort convection flotation machine, Escher Wyss step diffusion flotation machine, Voith multi-injector elliptical floating waste, and the research focuses on In terms of mechanism research, there are few reports on flotation machines.

2 water treatment

In the field of water treatment, flotation equipment is mainly used for the separation of oil clusters and solid suspended solids in water, and is especially widely used in wastewater degreasing. Many domestic manufacturers have developed various types of flotation equipment for the characteristics of water treatment flotation. The flotation components in water treatment are small, and the flotation equipment is mainly to realize microbubble flotation. Liu et al. proposed a water treatment process with a cyclone-static microbubble flotation column as the core. The higher gas content and smaller bubbles can increase the degreasing efficiency. Ou Liming et al. studied the removal of sodium oleate from zinc leaching solution by air floatation method. Under the optimized conditions, the removal rate of sodium oleate reached 91.69%, and the retention rate of Zn 2+ was 92.94%.

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