Focus on graphene technology innovation forum, polycarbon composite materials, new products won the big single

On the afternoon of January 4th, the first Graphene Technology Innovation Forum was opened in the Star Hall of Zhuhai Resort Hotel. This is a high-end event related to the graphene industry, sponsored by Zhuhai Polycarbon Composite Materials Co., Ltd., co-organized by Hengqin·Macau Youth Venture Valley and Zhuhai Polycarbon Power Technology Co., Ltd., and has received strong support from Guangzhou Jinjiuhong Trading Co., Ltd. With sponsorship. The event brought together hundreds of elites such as graphene industry capital, technology, and upstream and downstream industry chains. The purpose is to let people from all walks of life and investors fully understand the graphene industry, and feel the research results of polycarbon composite materials and graphene. Development vision.

The activities mainly include graphene industry speeches and dialogues, industry talks, big graphene release, market development and investment promotion. After several brilliant speeches by leaders and guests, and a sharp symposium on the “last mile” of graphene industrialization, the first automotive aftermarket application of polycarbon composite materials – the Schmage graphene lubricant additive was used as The key display objects are on the stage. This is one of the few true graphene lubricant additives in the world. Its biggest bright spot is the inclusion of graphene, a new energy material with super thermal conductivity, lubrication and corrosion resistance. In high temperature environment, it can express its excellent lubricity, wear resistance and oxidation resistance in the use of engine lubricating oil.

"Black gold", "king of new materials", "subversive new materials in the 21st century"... Since the day of discovery, graphene has been covered with layers of halo, attracting the attention of countless scientists and investors. Especially in October 2010, after the discoverers were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, graphene harvested more and more attention, but also attracted the attention of the founder of polycarbon composite Chen Xiaogang. For the news that graphene is endless, some people agree, and some people criticize it. The attitude of polycarbon composite is as persistent as it is.

After several years of research and development, Polycarbonate's flagship brand Schmage graphene lubricant additive series products have made major breakthroughs in the fields of anti-wear, self-repair, energy saving and emission reduction, and have experienced 3,000 gasoline and diesel. The evaluation of tens of thousands of kilometers of large, medium and small cars is the world's leading level.

This conference is also the world's first meeting of the polycarbon composite Schmick SMK3000 series of graphene lubricant additives. On stage, the polycarbon composite director Chen Yuwen elaborated the graphene lubrication with a wonderful PPT presentation. Application and prospects of oil additives in the automotive aftermarket.

As the earliest batch of products of contact with graphene for the research of polycarbon composite materials, Chen Yuwen knows this product well. In the PPT, he referred to the first graphene application demonstration project of this polycarbon composite material and the first flagship series of the main automotive aftermarket as “a rare work”, from the birth, packaging and function of graphene lubricant additives. To the industrial development, project preparation, technology evaluation, market development and the application of graphene in new energy, environmental protection, automotive aftermarket, battery energy innovation and other hotspots, have been shared without reservation.

In addition, Chen Yuwen also said that graphene is of great significance in the development of new energy, lubricants, biomedical materials, composite materials, automotive aftermarket and other fields. In addition, he introduced the development history of graphene lubricant additives and its application and prospects in the automotive aftermarket. He also clearly demonstrated the product's improvement in engine power, energy saving and environmental protection through video detection comparison. Amazing effects such as anti-wear repair. The remarkable product display effect quickly attracted the attention of the guests, and they consulted and cooperated. Some even signed the agreement on the spot.

The product launch conference from the discussion of graphene and its applications to the in-depth study of technology preparation indicates that the future thinking and exploration of the graphene industry will be more comprehensive, deeper and more rational. This is the development of the industry. A big step forward. What surprised us at this conference was not how many people came, but also promoted more people's understanding and participation in the development of the graphene industry. If this graphene technology innovation forum is the industry trend indicator for the development of graphene industry and foreign exchange in China, then its guests, speakers and conference topics will reveal the progress of the industry development.

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