Future chemical growth depends on "white" biotechnology

McKinsey & Co., a leading global consulting firm, has released a forecast report showing that the accelerated development of industrial biotech, the "white" biotechnology derivative product, will enable it to account for 90% of the global chemical industry's total sales in 2012. %, while the innovation and growth of petrochemical-based products will decline.
McKaysey pointed out that the application of "white" biotechnologies in a large number of commercial scale production will result in rapid growth in its operating revenue, which will increase from 6% of total chemical industry revenue in 2007 to 100 million euros in 2012, to 1530 in 2012. Billion euros.
Jens Riese, head of McCain's global biosystems business unit, points out that people can use bio-based feedstocks instead of oil and gas, or use biological processes such as fermentation or biocatalysts to replace chemical processes. The end result will be that these products have the same properties as existing chemicals, or they have completely new properties. He pointed out that innovations based on petrochemical-derived polymers have peaked in the 1940s and 60s, and their innovation is now going into recession.
Most of the cracker innovations have been developed and no new polymers have been introduced in recent years. Biotechnology has great opportunities for stimulating new innovations in the chemical industry. Riese believes that in the next five years, some new biopolymers and biobased bulk chemicals will be introduced and developed through fermentation. New bio-based building products such as lactic acid and succinic acid will push polymers into a new wave of innovation. Although current low oil prices may cause some medium-term price pressures, biofuels will continue to develop strongly. There will be rapid growth in traditional bio-based chemicals such as natural rubber and vegetable oils, and there will be modest growth in hydrocolloids.

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