Gold mine heap leaching drip operation system (1)

Abstract: The method of drip infiltration, the solution directly acts on the surface of the ore powder pile, the surface of the ore powder will not form a water layer, the infiltration rate is fast, and it can fully contact with the gold immersion solvent and wash the surface of the ore powder, which will precipitate the gold powder. Very beneficial.
Key words: gold mine heap leaching drip operation system

1        introduction

     Gold deposits are distributed in all provinces of the country, but industrial-scale gold deposits are mainly distributed in the central, western and northern regions of China, as well as newly discovered metallogenic belts in recent years. Of the proven gold reserves, 30 % are difficult to handle gold. According to incomplete statistics mechanism, the vision of refractory gold reserves of 1,000 tons, have proven reserves containing 700 tons of arsenic, sulfur is difficult to directly gold cyanide, there are at least 40 to 100 reserves 1 The ton of refractory gold mines cannot be exploited due to environmental problems. The treatment of these difficult to use " staying mines " has become one of the main " bottleneck " issues affecting the sustainable development of China's gold industry. With the large-scale exploitation of easy mining, the development and utilization of refractory gold resources has become an important task for gold mining. In terms of pretreatment technology for refractory gold resources, it is urgent and urgent to accelerate the introduction of advanced technologies such as new method pretreatment technology and heating oxidation method to accelerate the introduction and secondary development of gold mine technology related equipment.

     The state is paying more and more attention to environmental protection issues. In view of the large impact of the backward processes of gold smelting technology on the water environment and the atmospheric environment, advanced processes should be used instead of the old ones. In order to reduce the cost of environmental governance, protect the human living environment and achieve sustainable development of gold production.
After joining the World Trade Organization, the challenges facing China's gold industry mainly have two aspects: First, the issue of opening up the gold market. According to the World Trade Organization market access principle, the Chinese gold market will be open to the international community; the second is the issue of corporate competitiveness. Compared with the international advanced level, our enterprises have a large gap in terms of scale, capital, technology and cost, and their competitiveness is relatively poor. To this end, we propose to introduce the international advanced, efficient and environmentally friendly gold drip operation system in China's gold production, and promote it as soon as possible through necessary experimental research and engineering demonstration to improve the production efficiency and environmental protection of refractory gold mines.
1.1     Cyanide gold extraction process

     Heap leaching is an important technical means for gold extraction in gold mines. In order to achieve full contact between gold ore particles and Na 2 CN , it has become very important to adopt advanced technical means in the selection and smelting technology. In addition to finding new high-efficiency or non-toxic immersion gold solvents and pressurized oxidation processes, bacterial oxidation processes, chemical oxidation processes, and chlorination and sulfur-containing reagent oxidation methods, we should also improve the immersion gold technology methods, such as: A method of adding cyanide through a pipe by spraying or dripping.

1.2     Key technology of heap leaching process

     In order to solve the problems in the process, the corresponding immersion gold solvent is uniformly and reliably distributed and evenly distributed in the gold ore powder, and it is necessary to adopt advanced technology. At present, many gold mines have adopted spray methods to achieve this goal. However, some spraying methods are not easy to control the amount of immersion gold solvent, and it is difficult to increase the leaching rate. At the same time, the tiny water droplets containing cyanide sprayed into the air are easily diffused, causing damage and pollution to the human body and the environment. In order to better solve environmental problems, reduce energy consumption, optimize the ratio of immersion gold solution, increase the leaching rate, and reduce the amount of immersion gold solution, the heap-leaching method in the wet processing technology should be improved.

1.3     Environmental protection requirements

     Cyanide contained in the immersion gold solvent during spraying can seriously pollute the atmosphere and water environment. Excessive use of cyanide can lead to cost of sewage treatment and environmental treatment in the mining area, and even increase production costs. With the continuous reduction of easy-leaching gold ore resources and the increasingly urgent requirements for environmental protection worldwide, the technology of mixing with the process is becoming more and more important. Therefore, the spray process will be subject to drip heap leaching. Process challenges.

     The dripping method used in the heap leaching process has also been developed in developed countries, and the United States has adopted this technology in many mining areas. The environment has been greatly improved with this technology, and the drip method has contributed to the US gold production and environmental protection of the mining area.

     As the main direction of research and development of difficult metallurgical technology in the future, from the perspective of technological development trends at home and abroad, the pretreatment technology for environmentally-friendly refractory gold ore will become an important development and application in the future. aims.

2        Gold immersion solution distribution technology

     The leaching gold solution distribution shower technology is the key technology of the heap leaching method. This paper focuses on the comparison and analysis of the two technologies of spraying and dripping.

     In the case of conventional spraying for heaping, at the beginning, since the spraying intensity does not exceed the infiltration capacity of the ore powder, the surface of the ore powder will not form a water layer, and the infiltration in this case is called free infiltration. The infiltration rate of the mineral powder is equal to the rainfall intensity. With the high spraying intensity and the increase of spraying time, the surface of the ore powder quickly forms a water-bearing layer, and the formation of the infiltration process becomes pressurized infiltration, and the efficiency of the leaching decreases.

     Using the drip infiltration method, the solution acts directly on the surface of the ore powder pile. The surface of the ore powder will not form a water layer, the infiltration rate is fast, and it can fully contact with the gold immersion solvent and wash the surface of the ore powder, which will precipitate the gold powder very much. favorable.

     Modern drip equipment has pressure compensation, anti-clogging device, uniform outflow and can use the optimal drip strength and immersion gold solution concentration according to the ore composition, grade and degree of fracture.

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