Guangxi Yulin: Drying machinery to force rice harvest does not see sky

Recently, Guangxi suffered a long period of continuous rainy weather, which had a major impact on the harvesting of summer grain. Not only were many rice plunging in the fields and they could not be harvested, even the rice harvested was facing an unfavorable situation with no sunshine. At this time, under the leadership of Secretary Lin Xia, Yulin City Agricultural Machinery Bureau played a guiding role in the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy and vigorously promoted the drying machinery, laying a solid foundation for the summer grain harvest and storage. Secretary Lin Xi pointed out in the work conference at the beginning of the year that Yulin City’s subsidies this year should be focused on drying machinery. The county (city, district) Agricultural Machinery Bureau is required to encourage qualified agricultural machinery cooperatives to improve the overall mechanization of rice production. Step up efforts. In the first half of this year, Yulin City handled a total of 19 sets of grain dryers, plus last year's transactions, all of them actively involved in the battle to “get time for returning to the store”.

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