"Hanging a sister" takes you into the modern version of "Qiao Family Courtyard"

In the "manly" heavy industry of construction machinery, it is not easy to be a woman to be a famous person, and it will make many men look at each other. Today's story is from an ordinary female strongman in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province - Qiao Dajie, the boss of a hoisting company in Shijiazhuang City, has been engaged in the hoisting industry for more than 10 years, her independence and self-improvement, dare to fight, in The industry is known as "hanging a sister."

Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, "lifting a sister" - Joe Sister

Trust, let us be friends from customers

When we met with Joe Sister in a customer visit, she excitedly told us: "I have more than 60 Xugong products such as truck cranes and aerial work vehicles. I love the XCMG brand. Your product quality makes me occupy the same industry. Hegemonic status, Xu Gong really trustworthy!" From her words we feel the power of the strong woman, but also gratified to see her trust and recognition of Xugong. Although Joe's scholastic level is not very high, but there is a resilience that does not admit defeat. Because she had established a good cooperative relationship with the director of Xugong's office, she often humbly consulted, discussed management methods and successful experiences, and gradually changed from a customer to a friend. Slowly, the company's management is well organized, and it is unambiguous in the assessment and reward, and cares for the employees' care. The internal infrastructure of the company is also complete. At present, Joe's hoisting company is in full swing, and everyone is full of energy, which is called the modern version of "Qiao Family Courtyard."

Quality, let me achieve great achievements in the industry

In the circle of "sistering a sister", you can see at least 3 or 4 small videos of her product work every day. Each video has a short introduction or a simple summary. Click on the video, the familiar Xugong logo appears in the picture, and the dazzling iron arm copper hook is waving. The following text: "The first few construction sites in a few days and a few days", "wind and rain, quality first," Believe in the power of the brand and so on. In the circle of friends, there will often be a "slinging a sister" put on the tooling, personally working on the product, and encountering difficult lifting operations, Joe Sister and her master of the machine played a "two hanging" operation, this in The wonderful picture that can be seen in CCTV shows is staged in her hands. She said: "The business is too hot. I have to operate it personally when there are not enough people. It is very important to say that teamwork is very important. XCMG products are highly safe and operability. I am completely out of control." This is the daily record of Joe Sister. The way I work and live, there is no gorgeous language, but it is enough to see the sense of accomplishment that XCMG products bring to her in this industry.

Accurate and efficient, let us win the respect and trust of customers

The customer's request will be fully fulfilled by Joe Sister. At 10:00 on July 4th, Joe Sister published a circle of friends. The content is like this: "Two days of work, after a day of work, this speed, the customer is busy. Too fast, there are such customers." Originally, Joe was receiving this single job, and the workload was also known to the customer. I felt that it took two days to complete. Big sister Joe was afraid of the customer's urgency, urgently rushing the staff to analyze the hoisting operation, arranging the hoisting vehicle, and working overtime overnight. The two-day workload was completed in one day, and the work was completed efficiently. So much work was done in one day, although the customer was finished. It’s too fast for Joe’s sister to do it, but she said that she was very convinced and admired Joe’s sister. (This article comes from Xugong with the car)

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