How to choose the right trailer method

When our vehicle is anchored on the road, the best way we can think of is to call a trailer . Then what should we pay attention to when using a trailer?


When we use a trailer rope or trailer bar, be sure to use a dedicated trailer rope or trailer bar. And take appropriate protective measures to avoid tow rope breakage on the way to the trailer, causing damage to people or vehicles. In addition, when using a tow rope, it is necessary to install the hook on the same side of the front and rear vehicles to ensure that the tractor and the towed vehicle are traveling on the road in a straight line. And when the trailer hook is installed, it must be checked afterwards to prevent the trailer hook from ejecting and hurting people during use. It is also necessary to keep the distance and speed of the vehicle. The distance between the vehicles must be within the effective range of the trailer rope and the trailer rope must be under tension. Of course, the best way is to use a flat-bed trailer, because the flat shipment is checked on the whole car as a whole, which prevents the vehicle from receiving secondary damage during the shipment and increases the security.


Some insurance companies now offer trailer rescue projects, but they have waited for a long time. Therefore, when we choose to use the rescue trailer provided by the insurance company, we must provide detailed information on the location of our own vehicle accident and details of the insured vehicle, and confirm when the rescue trailer will arrive. Because in some areas, the insurance company's rescue trailer can not be checked, so the owner must be clear in the inquiry process, so as not to be pitted, waiting in vain.

The above only describes some of the relevant precautions for the use of rescue vehicles, of course, there are many, Xiao Bian will not be described one by one. In short, when using trailer rescue, we must always focus on safety.


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