How to Correct the Newly Purchased Dynamometer

When purchasing the dynamometer, you need to go to the regular dynamometer manufacturers to purchase, in order to ensure the dynamometer is more convenient when using the dynamometer, provide accurate data, but also need to understand the dynamometer correction method. The following is a summary of the dynamometer calibration method for Shanghai.
(1) Environmental conditions
If the calibration is performed in the verification (calibration) room, the environmental conditions shall meet the requirements of laboratory requirements for temperature, humidity, and so on. If the calibration is carried out on site, the environmental conditions are based on the conditions that can be met at the instrument site. After storing and accumulating digital pressure gauges after a period of storage, the main technical performance of the digital pressure gauge must be secondarily identified to ensure that its performance indicators meet the required standards. Normally, on the premise of knowing the input-output correspondence, the standard device is used for verification, which is usually called calibration. The performance of storing, using, and rechecking is called calibration. Because of the nature of industry calibration and calibration, this is described by calibration.
When purchasing a dynamometer, the dynamometer price is an aspect of measurement. The basic method of calibration is to input the known measured pressure sensor to the pressure sensor to be calibrated, and after the output volume is obtained, the input and output quantities are processed and compared. Therefore, a series of standard curve representing the corresponding relationship between the two are obtained, and then the actual measurement results of the performance index are obtained, so that the calibration digital pull pressure gauge is started.
(2) Instruments
As a standard instrument for calibration, the error limit should be 1/3 to 1/10 of the error limit of the calibration.
(3) Personnel
Although the calibration is different from the verification, the personnel performing the calibration should also be subject to an effective assessment and obtain a corresponding certificate of compliance. Only certificate holders are required to issue calibration certificates and calibration reports. Only such certificates and reports are considered valid. .
The similarities and differences between calibration, calibration and verification of digital pull pressure gauges. Calibration and verification are two different concepts, but there is a close relationship between the two. The calibration is generally performed by comparing a calibrated measuring instrument (called a standard instrument) with a calibrated measuring instrument to determine the indication error of the calibrated measuring instrument, sometimes including part of the measurement performance, but it is often calibrated. The measuring instrument only needs to determine the indication error. If the calibration is the verification content of the indication error in the verification work, then it can be said to be part of the verification work, but the calibration cannot be regarded as verification, and the requirements of the calibration are not as good as the verification. Strictly, the calibration of the dynamometer manufacturer can be performed at the production site, while the verification must be performed indoors. Some people understand calibration as the process of adjusting a measuring instrument to a specified error range, which is not enough. Although adjustments can be made during calibration, adjustments do not equal calibration.
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