How to solve the car plus diesel?

In ordinary life, if someone asks, “What about petrol cars with diesel?”, wouldn’t everyone think that such a thing is really incredible, and the difference between gasoline and diesel is so big, how can you make a mistake! However, many people in real life have committed such low-level mistakes and made it impossible. If we are not careful about adding diesel to gasoline vehicles, how should we solve it when this happens?


Because of the low ignition point of diesel, diesel cars do not need spark ignition to ignite. However, the high ignition point of gasoline requires the provision of an explosive ignition method to ignite, which is what is usually referred to as ignition. The two oils are burned in different ways, so the two types of fuels are determined to have different ignition methods. What if the petrol vehicle has diesel? Its most direct influence is that when the vehicle is igniting, the sound will produce knocking, and the diesel fuel will be atomized after the car is ignited, resulting in carbon deposition in the car body, blocking the fuel injector, and the vehicle cannot be lifted after jamming. The lack of power and slow running is the result of inadequate fuel combustion.

Then we found that after adding the wrong oil, we should have an orderly solution. First, park the vehicle in a safe place, and then don't start the car again. If you continue to drive the vehicle, the internal structure of the car will be seriously damaged. It was difficult to repair; afterwards, it called the 4S shop of the original depot and arranged a trailer to be sent back to the repair shop for repair; the fuel of the fuel tank was completely discharged, and the tank was cleaned, and the oil line also needed to be thoroughly cleaned. Then add the correct oil so that the problem is solved.

What if the car has diesel? If you ignore it, it will easily lead to the vehicle failing to catch fire. Severely, the automobile engine will be scrapped and the entire oil system will be destroyed. Therefore, if you find the wrong oil, you need to deal with it immediately and clean the fuel tank in time. In order to avoid further losses!

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