How traditional instrumentation captures key breakthrough barriers

China's economy is in a period of strategic opportunities for rapid development, and instruments and instruments have played a significant role in promoting economic development and social industry transformation. In recent years, instrumentation has gradually become smart, new-type, and it has indeed achieved a lot of people Great achievements, but this is not enough.

In the ever-changing market state, the difficulties and hidden troubles faced by traditional Chinese instrument companies have been clearly demonstrated. Therefore, technological reform is the key to the traditional instrument breakthrough barrier. The strategic emerging industries in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” also put emphasis on developing high-precision, high-stability, and intelligent instrumentation. Second, the market application of new types of instrumentation is also the key to the development of the industry. Leading technology and the competitiveness of people is the long march of instrument companies.

Today, smart grid advanced measurement instrumentation (AMI), material analysis precision testing instruments and mechanical performance testing equipment, new non-destructive testing and environment, safety testing instruments, national defense special test instruments and other types of test equipment are favored by the market. Research is also focused on these hot areas. Therefore, we Jiangsu Hengtai Instrument Co., Ltd. must break through the development bottlenecks, cultivate strength and grasp business opportunities is the key to a bright future.

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