If you want to take LED city lighting project need to pay attention to what issues?

The LED lighting project of the building is an important part of the urban lighting project. The LED lighting of the building has changed the appearance of the city's buildings, making it magnificent during the day. The tall, upright image can be displayed in front of people and enriched. The civic city night environment has even become a landmark of the city.
The building LED lighting project refers to a complete lighting and decorative lighting project for the entire floor, including office buildings, residential buildings, teaching buildings, hospitals and other public buildings. Due to the different uses and appearance of buildings, the implementation of lighting projects is not the same. Then, what problems should we pay attention to when implementing the LED lighting project?
1, according to the different uses of the building to choose a different lighting scheme
Office buildings and office buildings are public spaces for business people. Lighting needs to show high-end fashion sense. Business scenes such as commercial buildings and shopping centers have a large number of people. Lighting projects can use glass curtain wall led displays to enhance the commercial value of building glass curtain walls. Brighten the image of the city and spread urban culture and advertising information; as long as the lighting project of private residential buildings creates a warm and friendly feeling for the family, warm lighting can be used to express a warm and harmonious atmosphere.
2, according to lighting area and viewing distance to choose different lighting products
With different lighting areas and different viewing distances, the viewing experience is different, which affects the tools used to illuminate the building. Glass wall led display (also known as transparent led display), LED light bar screen, LED digital tube and other lighting products showed more obvious differences in the effect, in the selection of lighting products should be based on local conditions, choose the best solution.
3, according to the cost budget to choose a different lighting scheme
In general, the LED lighting project of the building generally has a large area, which is often thousands of square kilometers. The total sum is a huge cost. Investors should choose the appropriate lighting scheme in combination with their own cost budgets, use all kinds of lighting products reasonably, avoid extravagance and waste, and cause unnecessary loss of resources.
The LED lighting project of the building is not only the landscape beautification of its own building appearance, but also changes the city’s night landscape environment. The colorful building makes the city’s night sky a shining star. At the same time, the building LED lighting project is also an improvement of our living environment. In the dark night sky, if you can see the different colors of the building, not only can highlight its own characteristics, but also demonstrate the corporate culture and strength.

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