Ingersoll Rand Power Tools officially settled in Alibaba Industrial Brands Station

The power tool division of Ingersoll Rand (NYSE: IR), a global leader in creating a comfortable, sustainable and efficient environment, officially entered the Alibaba (1688) industrial brand station on July 31 and established "Ingersoll Rand Industrial Brand Station". The brand station has now fully launched the Ingersoll Rand auto repair auto insurance products, covering impact wrenches, ratchet wrenches, grinding machines, air hammers, pneumatic drills and other categories. At the same time, including the quality distribution of four Ingersoll Rand power tools including Jiangsu Lianyou Power Tools Co., Ltd., Shanghai Bagua Industrial Co., Ltd., Beijing Kaili Sen Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Liaoning Licheng Technology Development Co., Ltd. The business has also joined the brand station.

Ingersoll Rand brand station grand opening

Ingersoll Rand Industrial Brands Station will deepen the cooperation and win-win relationship with dealers with a new model. On the one hand, the two parties will work together to help users quickly find the goods they need, and enjoy more professional shopping guide consultation and reliable after-sales service. On the other hand, dealers stationed in the brand station will also receive Ingersoll Rand's official certification and a more professional corporate image, thereby enhancing their visibility and influence.

The establishment of the Ingersoll Rand Industrial Brands Station has further expanded the e-commerce layout of its power tools business. Previously, the business unit has settled in Jingdong and opened the official flagship store of Tmall. In fact, Ingersoll Rand has been exploring and upgrading the online marketing model of B2B business, and has been working hard on the e-commerce platform. Since 2015, many brands of Ingersoll Rand, such as Lengwang, Club Car, ARO, etc., have successively opened flagship stores in 1688, Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong, and built digital marketing channels and systems for products. Has achieved considerable marketing results.

The combination of the establishment of e-commerce sales platform and online sales model not only further enhances the popularity of Ingersoll Rand's various business brands, but also breaks many restrictions of traditional sales models, opening up new sales channels and making sales networks. More perfect, it also enables end users to enjoy Ingersoll Rand's high quality products and services more conveniently and quickly. In addition, through online real-time interaction, the product operation team can also be closer to the user, timely grasp the trends of the terminal consumer market, and provide more comprehensive information support for product improvement and development, meeting user needs and improving user satisfaction. (This article is from Ingersoll Rand)

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