Nantong Yatai Ship and Dalian Cooperation Film Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Recently, the National Engineering Research Center of Dalian Institute of Membrane Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences set up a sub-center in Nantong, which is the first sub-center established in the country.
It is reported that relying on Nantong Yatai Shipbuilding, the two sides plan to form an oxygen-rich membrane production base of 200,000 square meters in two years for the environmental protection and energy-saving industry, with an estimated annual sales of 300 million yuan.
Membrane oxygen-enriched combustion-supporting energy-saving and emission-reducing technology mainly uses membrane separation technology to separate oxygen from the air to form oxygen-rich gas into the combustion furnace, so that the oil and gas, coal and other substances in the boiler are fully burned, thereby increasing the combustion value and saving. The purpose of business costs. This technology is widely used in ships, chemical companies, large-scale power plants, etc. It is the "12th Five-Year" national energy conservation and emission reduction incentive project. At present, the oxygen generator developed by Nantong Yatai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has formed a production capacity. Currently, the two membrane-based oxygen-enriched combustion-supporting energy-saving and emission reduction technologies will be jointly developed and promoted.
In the past, Nantong Yatai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was only a small supporting enterprise for simple maintenance of large-scale shipbuilding enterprises. In the current sluggish ship industry, they are aiming at the international shipping convention. All liquefied gas carriers and chemical tankers must be equipped with inert protection systems. The opportunity to cooperate with domestic universities to develop an inert gas protection system such as membrane nitrogen and flue gas. This series of transformation and upgrading initiatives have made them invincible in the fierce market competition.

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