New Seismic Instrument Arrangement and Efficient Operation Technology Accelerate Exploration Production

[China Instrument Network Instrument R&D] In mid-late May, it was learned from the Eastern Geophysical Exploration and Equipment Service that seismological instruments independently developed and researched by East Geophysical Exploration and Research Co., Ltd. arranged highly efficient operation technologies and played an important role in accelerating exploration and production.

Seismic instrument arrangement and high-efficiency operation technology covers five achievements including arrayed automatic management system, portable seismic data wireless transmission system, seismic instrument test data analysis software, super-arrangement assistant, and 400 series ground equipment lightning strike. In the project operation, it is arranged for exploration production. The practical problems encountered in efficient operations are focused on solving the technical problems in different operations.
Arrange automatic management system to extract and analyze the arrangement management data of G3i, 428XL and 508XT and other instruments, and send the fault arrangement information to the inspection line worker based on digital communication technology. The inspection line worker feedbacks the line results to the instrument operator in a timely manner, greatly reducing The preparation time of the instrument before the acquisition starts; the portable data wireless transmission system adopts the GPS clock as the synchronization clock of the wireless transmission unit, and is suitable for arranging the data wireless relay of the 400 series instruments to realize the embedded wireless transmission and reception of the wired seismic instrument data link; Seismic instrument test data analysis software is used for automatic analysis of seismic instrument test data, which solves the problems of low efficiency and error-proneness caused by traditional analysis methods. The accuracy of test data analysis reaches 99.99%, which greatly improves the efficiency of seismograph arrangement management. The Super Array Assistant has the functions of equipment testing, troubleshooting, firmware upgrade, and cable on/off inspection to achieve the acquisition and management of seismograph collections; 400 series ground equipment lightning protection units are added between the power station and the collection station. The device can be emitted by the operator when lightning strikes The order of discharging and discharging is disconnected to ensure safe production.
Up to now, the seismograph has been applied in scale in various exploration areas both at home and abroad, effectively improving the efficiency of the arrangement of seismic instruments, and accelerating the effectiveness of the project. The arranging automatic management system has been promoted and applied in three-dimensional projects such as the Turpan-Khali North, which can meet the construction requirements of the high-cold, high-heat and complex areas of the earth's surface. The inspection line efficiency is increased by 15%. The portable seismic data wireless transmission system effectively solves the difficult problems of complicated terrain arrangement such as rivers, mountains and ravines, and greatly reduces the preparation time for seismic instruments. Seismic instrument test data analysis software solves the problems of low efficiency, error-proneness, and non-intuitive statistical results of traditional analysis methods. The 400 series ground equipment lightning protection units applied 170 sets in the project, and none of the equipment was repaired due to lightning. In particular, it was important for southern lightning storms to avoid economic losses caused by equipment and lightning.
(Title: Highly Efficient Seismic Instruments Arranging to Boost Efficiency in Exploration Production)

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