One after another ** price B car into price war

B-class high-end car market has always been a hotly contested place. There are also many high-end cars to be listed this year. In addition to the traditional "Japan's top three" Camry, Accord, Tianzhu, there are the eighth generation of Sonata, Kia K5, the new Passat, 508 and other models to join. Because of the fierce competition, the RMB 10 million discount on the Class B market is not uncommon. Text / table Tang Li Japanese car profit margins The latest national sales data show that the Accor in the first half of the amount of 61,948 on the license plate, continue to reelected in the senior car brand champion. Followed by this year in the Guangzhou market ranks first in the sky, reaching 61812, the third is the Shanghai Volkswagen Passat. In the local market in Guangzhou, the top three seats in the Class B class were Tianmu, Camry and Accord respectively.

With the gradual restoration of production capacity, the current Japanese B-class car source is basically not a problem. Honda, Toyota, and Nissan’s three models have been in a state of no shortage, and the discounts have gradually increased in July. However, with the continuous development of the Korean, European and American B-class vehicles, the B-class car market has formed a group of players.

The reporter learned from the market that, apart from the "Japanese top three," Si Platinum Rui, Mazda 6 and Mondeo - Zhisheng and other models have maintained a large rate of profit, while the new listing of Sonata, K5, etc. also take gift packages and other means "dark drop." At present, the market has a maximum discount of 35,000 yuan, and the Accord and Camry have a maximum discount of 40,000 yuan, of which a variety of Camry models offer more than 30,000 yuan, and Mazda 6 has a maximum dividend rate of 30,000 yuan, while Mondeo also has a win. Nearly 2 million Rangli. SI Platinum Rui has maintained a consistent and significant profit, allowing profit margins of more than 30,000 yuan.

The high-end models have pushed the special mid-to-high-end car market to take the lead in the group, and the profit margin is also the highest since this year. With the launch of new products such as Sonata, New Passat, New Magotan and Peugeot 508, the price of the Class B vehicle market is difficult to maintain stable. Some dealers predict that the competition in this interval will be even more fierce in the second half of the year, and once again caught in the price war is inevitable.

In July, dealers have launched discounted prices to attract customers. Lin Jian, General Manager of Guangfeng Yuanfeng Phoenix Store, stated that the overall growth rate of the auto market has slowed down this year, and the market is returning rationally. However, due to the higher sales targets set by the auto companies at the beginning of the year, the recent concession rate of the Class B vehicle market will be relatively large. . Some dealers believe that the 1.8L displacement of new official vehicles and the restrictions within 180,000 yuan also put pressure on joint-venture B-class cars, and they can only work hard on private cars.

Some B-Class high-end models are even more difficult to sell. Reporters saw from the market last week that dealers have launched more "specials" than ordinary models for some B-Class high-end models, such as the Camry 240G. Let Lida 40,000 yuan, other models generally discounted at 30,000; Reiz 2010 models 2.5V fashion luxury navigation version offers 20,000 yuan to send 1,000 yuan oil card, other models offer only 12,000 yuan.

The price war over the years has been due to the fact that dealer stocks are too large and this year is particularly evident. At present, dealers do not hesitate to expand their offers in order to promote sales.

A week's special car RAV4 cash discount of 25,000 yuan reporter learned from FAW Toyota Yongjia Toyota, the store recently selected 10 RAV4 models special sales, the maximum cash discount of 25,000 yuan. At the same time, the store’s "Five-fold Mid-summer Ceremony" is only available for the last week for the delivery of Qiang Insurance and Qianyuan Oil Cards.

Fox Group Deal Offered 18,000 yuan Reporter was informed from the Guangwu Fuheng shop, the store recently held Fox, s-max group buying action, purchase limited edition Fox special car maximum discount of 18,000 yuan, in addition to price concessions, s-max can enjoy two years zero interest rate activity.

SI Platinum Rui 35,000 yuan discount reporter learned from the local dealer Dongfeng Honda, Platinum Platinum Rui Deluxe Edition maximum cash discount up to 35,000 yuan, the car also sent a gift package. At present, all models are full of cars, and the colors are complete.

Volvo S40 offers a discount of 58,200 yuan The current purchase of Volvo S40 models can offer a discount of 58,2 million yuan, the lowest only 209,800 yuan. In addition to the Zhishang version, there are basically cars in the shop.

Imported edition CC has a maximum discount of 100,000 yuan. The reporter learned from the importer of the Guangzhou Volkswagen dealers that the current imports of Volkswagen CC 2009 models 3.6FSI top version can offer up to 100,000 yuan in cash, the minimum is only 436,800 yuan, a limited number

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