Passenger car double points New Deal to implement new energy vehicles listed or have a surprise price

On April 1st, the “Measures for the Parallel Management of the Average Fuel Consumption of New Energy Vehicles and New Energy Vehicles for Passenger Vehicles” (double-integration policy) related to changes in the “power” of Chinese automobiles was formally implemented.

The reporter learned that although the new energy assessment points were formally set up only in 2019, the impact of the New Deal has already emerged because the new energy car points can be used to deduct the negative points of the company's fuel consumption assessment from now on. Reporters visited found that after the Spring Festival, car companies have accelerated the pace of new energy vehicle layout, and is expected to be held at the end of April this year, Shanghai Auto Show, is expected to become a "volume production" new energy car show stage. Under the pressure of the New Deal, consumers are expected to become the biggest winners. Not only will the new energy passenger vehicles in the future market increase substantially, but prices are also expected to be more grounded.

Double Integral Policy Implemented

On April 1, the dual-point policy was officially implemented. This approach will integrate point accounting management from two aspects of traditional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles, and will be used as an entry condition for car companies. Among them, the passenger car companies and the import passenger car enterprises are the main accounting subjects for the average fuel consumption points and new energy vehicle points, and they have separately performed accounting. According to the regulations issued by the four departments of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology at the end of last year, new energy car points can be used to offset the negative points of the fuel car.

The method is proposed to establish a point trading mechanism, and the company will independently determine the negative integral compensation method. In the company's average fuel consumption points, positive points can be carried forward in the following year at a ratio of 80% or 90%, and can also be transferred between related companies. In new energy auto points, positive points can be freely traded. According to sources, the government level will promote the construction of the point trading platform, ensure the principle of free trading for enterprises, and design the functions of bidding and matching transactions.

Industry insiders pointed out that the double-integration policy is to achieve the dual purpose of reducing fuel consumption and developing new energy vehicles in traditional fuel vehicles and encouraging car companies to vigorously develop new energy vehicles.

The reporter learned that many car companies have responded to new energy projects in order to ensure the standards for double-credit policies. Industry sources pointed out that the current SUV market development prospects are very good, car companies will not give up this high fuel consumption market. In the context of the traditional difficulty of fuel consumption reduction, the development of new energy vehicles will be the trend. In addition, the number of car companies that will reach more than 30,000 vehicles next year will need to complete the assessment requirements for 10% of the points in 2019. It is also necessary to accelerate the launch of new energy vehicles to the market.

From the trend point of view, whether it is a car company that has reached the standard before or is not up to the standard car prices, and whether the car companies are willing to develop new energy, the future can only accelerate into the new energy vehicle market. The double-integration formally implemented, 2018 will be an important year for car companies to fully enter new energy vehicles. Mass production of new energy vehicles is imperative.

Market: Intensive Listing of New Energy Vehicles

Although domestic new energy vehicles have been ranked among the world's largest new energy vehicles market for three consecutive years, the currently market-selectable models are still limited, and some models are only sold in the northbound Guangshen, which has a large support for new energy vehicles. This will be greatly improved by the double-integration policy. After the Spring Festival this year, the number of new energy vehicles introduced by auto companies is increasing, and more products that meet the needs of consumers are emerging. According to incomplete statistics, the number of new energy vehicles planned to be listed recently is close to 20, including Song-New Energy, BYD e5, BYD Qin, Dihao New Energy, Ruifeng M4 New Energy, MG 6 New Energy, Roewe Ei5, Southeast DX3 New Energy, Chery Tiggo 3xe, Mondeo New Energy, BMW 5 Series New Energy, Audi A8L New Energy, etc. From the model point of view, the current new energy vehicles cover the market segments of cars and SUVs, and prices range from a few tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan. It is worth mentioning that many well-reported fuel hot cars have introduced new energy car versions, such as Emgrand and BMW 5 Series. From the early exposure information of the Shanghai Auto Show held in late April of this year, the new energy vehicles that will be in the mass production market will become one of the focuses of the booth.

Good: Consumers or biggest winners

Judging from the current sales volume, the scale of new energy vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles is quite different, and new energy vehicles also have the phenomenon of high prices and difficult grounding gas. In addition to relatively good sales in some limited-edition cities, sales of new energy vehicles in various regions are relatively deserted.

Industry analysts, the implementation of dual points, consumers are expected to become the biggest winner. In order to deal with the imminent double-score compliance requirements, car companies will inevitably introduce new cars as soon as possible. A large increase will bring rich choices to consumers. At the same time, car prices in order to shake the market, the price will be more close to the people. In addition, powerful new energy car companies can also obtain compensation through resale points, and this incentive mechanism will also allow new energy car hot car companies to increase market sales through price cuts.

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