S&A CW-3000 water chiller for spindle cooling by CNC machine client

[Mia, please ship another 50 CW-3000 water chillers to me. But this time, all of the water chillers must be equipped with the copper and aluminum fin condenser and the 45℃ mechanical temperature controller."--- a call from Timothy, a German customer.

Timothy had been purchasing water chillers on Alibaba. However the water chillers they received varied from time to time with different qualities. For this reason, Timothy decided to find out a reliable supplier with guaranteed quality and good brand for the direct purchase of water chillers.

After searching the relevant information on internet and making a comparison, Timothy found out that S&A water chillers were highly rated and S&A had received high comments on internet. Then Timothy decided to purchase 6 S&A CW-3000 water coolers first after he received the quotation from S&A.

After Timothy had received the S&A water chillers and run them for a period of time, he found out that the water chillers were with stable quality, small in size and easy to be placed. Then he contacted S&A again and immediately placed an order for another 50 CW-3000 water chillers.

Thank you so much for your support and trust in S&A. All of the S&A water chillers have passed the ISO, CE, RoHS and REACH certification with the warranty period having been extended to 2 years.

CW-3000 details: http://Products/ChillerCW300050Wradi.html





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