Shanxi LED industry resource-based enterprises turn to high-tech industry

From the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to the 2009 Shanghai World Expo, from the huge screens of Tiananmen Square to the touch screens of street hotels across the country. LEDs are constantly impacting people's vision and changing people's lives. The LED industry is an emerging industry that has grown up in the wave of transformation and development in Shanxi. It is a successful example of the transformation of high-tech industries in Shanxi resource-based enterprises and private entrepreneurs. Stepping into the factory of Shanxi Yongchang Technology LED Industrial Park in Youyu County, I saw that the production lines of the company were running at a high speed. A batch of LED lighting products went through the central operation and went down the production line to carry out dust-free operation. There is no pollution. Every visitor will be upset after watching it. This is not an ordinary industrial processing project. It is the top three high-tech, green energy-saving industry, the province and the city's key projects for transformation and development. As the first high-tech enterprise settled in Youyu County, the construction of Yongchang Technology LED Industrial Park reflects the concept of Youyu County's efforts to promote green environmental protection in the industrial field. The entire project will invest more than 5 billion yuan and adopt international advanced LED technology. Design and production process, build a semiconductor green lighting industrial park integrating production, R&D, application and market. The project covers an area of ​​about 430 acres and is constructed in three phases. After the project is completed, it will become a full-industrial chain covering the middle and lower reaches of LED, leading the rapid development and progress of low-carbon energy-saving and environmental protection industries. The person in charge of the company said that after the project is completed, it will annually produce LED energy-saving lamps, bulbs, spotlights, downlights and street lamps, totaling more than 4 million. It also produces 80,000 LED chips and 60,000 IC chips per month. The annual output value is 6.5 billion yuan, the tax payment is 800 million yuan, and more than 3,500 jobs are provided. The economic structure of Youyu County is greatly improved. Development quality. Yongchang Technology LED Industrial Park is only a typical case of many LED industry development in our province. The Optoelectronic Industrial Park in the south of Changzhi City is an industrial park that has gathered the entire LED industry chain. In the park, nine enterprises have been gathered, forming a production pattern that is up and down and self-contained, forming a true industrial cluster. In the development of the LED industry, the Changzhi Municipal Government has always followed the principle of letting the company play the leading role instead of singing the one-horn. Around the construction of the project, the government set up a first-line studio, a wall enterprise, and a government agency outside the wall. It is fully responsible for solving the problems of land, capital, electricity, environmental protection, procedures, etc. encountered in the project construction, and in accordance with the industrial park. The overall plan is implemented. In less than half a year, the LED packaging project completed the construction of the plant, equipment installation, and produced the first batch of products. At the same time, it continued to increase government policy guidance and financial support, and rolled out two major projects, LED epitaxial chips and LED sapphire substrates. It took three years to penetrate the entire industry chain and produced lighting products with independent intellectual property rights. And the first TV whiteboard in the province, achieved a major breakthrough in the development of the province's LED industry. The development of Changzhi LED industry has ended the history of no intellectual property rights of Yanhe chips at home and abroad, and realized the innovation of China's first technology-original strategic basic industry. This LED industry cluster with enterprises as the main body and parked by the park as a vertical integration method has become a successful example of resource-based enterprises and private capital transformation high-tech in our province, and has become a new model for the development of China's LED industry. At present, the park is accelerating the transformation of core technologies into industrial advantages, and is committed to building the world's largest sapphire production base, LED backlight supply base and high-end lighting supply base.

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