Single-stage safety slide line components and installation procedures

Single-stage safety sliding wire products are manufactured in a single pole and can be combined into multiple poles at will. The installation is very simple. In order to increase the wear resistance of the transmission conduit, a special conductive aluminum stainless steel composite process is adopted. Because of its simple structure and convenient installation and maintenance, it is widely used in power supply lines for mobile equipment such as mines, metallurgy, chemicals, machinery, terminals, and freight yards.
Single-stage safety slide line components:
1. Current collector; the main device for picking up electric energy from the collector side in the sliding line system, which directly conducts electric energy to the electric appliance through the sliding contact between the collecting brush and the guide rail, thereby realizing the mobile power supply of the system. The current collector is composed of a mechanical structure tensioning device and a collecting brush that is in direct sliding contact with the guide rail.
2, inspection section; mainly used for sliding line maintenance.
3. Temperature compensation section; also known as thermal expansion compensation section, used to compensate for changes in wire length caused by temperature changes.
4, lifting rack; device for fixing the sliding contact line, the material is polymethyl hydrazine, has high hardness, corrosion resistance, anti-aging characteristics, which can support the suspension sliding wire, and can be fixed in the horizontal and vertical directions Slide the wire. At the same time, the vertical direction can be finely adjusted to ensure the tight connection between the safety sliding line and the current collector. When the lifting clip is fixed to the safety sliding line, it can be easily installed by simply fastening the lifting lugs on both sides of the sheath, without any tools, and the installation is very convenient.
5, the end sheath; protect the safety of the sliding line, using special PVC raw materials, processed with special formula. It is made of stainless steel exquisite mold and special process. It has stable size, small tolerance range, good quality, high smoothness and toughness. It has the advantages of temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, dustproof, anti-aging, wind erosion resistance and long service life.
6. Fixing frame; bracket for fixing and stabilizing the sliding line.
Single-level safety line installation procedures and requirements:
1. Install the sliding wire bracket and install the angle steel bracket on the rail beam with the welding or expansion bolts at the specified spacing. The erection of the bracket is the key to the installation quality of the sliding contact line. It is an important part to ensure the smoothness and usability of the sliding contact line. The flatness of the bracket on the whole line must be ensured. The protruding size of the angle steel is the same, and the angle steel should be parallel and cannot be skewed. . The plane with the rectangular hole angle is in a horizontal plane, and the factory hole is in a line. Generally, the wire can be leveled and found. Light slide line two bracket spacing <1.5m
2. Install the lifting bracket on the angle bracket. At this time, do not tighten the nut, and then tighten it after the slide wire is installed and adjusted.
3. Install the sliding wire connector sheath. Insert the sliding wire into the bayonet of the rack (the lifting clip of the heavy wire is installed on the wire). After the sliding wire is installed, level it and tighten the nut of the hanger. Install the connector into the other end of the first set of wires and install the second set of trolley wires in the same way. Connect the two sliding wires with a joint, install the joint sheath, level the sliding wire and tighten. Install all the sliding lines accordingly. Note that the joint should be smooth with a gap of <0. 5mm.
4. After the whole sliding contact line is installed, it should be carefully checked. The sliding contact line should be straight and the spacing should be consistent. The sliding contact line should be parallel with the crane track. The deviation should be ≤5mm. The suspension should be tightened and the joint should be smooth. .
5, test drive, first empty test run, reciprocating run several round trips, if there is no abnormality should stop immediately, cut off the power supply, check and troubleshoot.

machinery, electric equipment, security equipment, control industry equipment,

medical equipment , Auto Industry , Railway Industry , and Customized etc .

1.We can rolling OD acc to client request

2.The thickness must more than 1.2mm

3.The material can be stainless steel and carbon steel and aluminum

4.We use automatic welding for welding,so that we can keep the welding line is beautiful.

5.Before deliveyr we will do welding and leaking test

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