Technical measures to deal with mine lightning

The countermeasures against lightning are mainly to use venting, intercepting and grooming. The means adopted are mainly grounding, insulation, pressure equalization and shielding. To prevent the spread ground lightning disasters caused by underground methane, coal dust and fire, etc., must comply with the following provisions:

1. Introduce the underground power supply line (including the motor frame line) via the overhead line, and install a lightning protection device at the entrance. The grounding resistance of the installed lightning arrester shall not exceed 5Ω.

2. grounded directly into the well from the ground rail, pipe, metal sheathed cable sheath must be not less than two metallic body in the vicinity of the wellhead, is electrically grounded cathode electrode not more than 5 [Omega, two grounding The distance should be greater than 20m.

3. The communication line must be equipped with fuses and lightning protection devices at the well. The grounding resistance of the arrester must not exceed 1Ω.

4. For wire rope hoists and wire rope cans for lifting cages, the winch hoist and steel rope must be reliably grounded near the wellhead, and the grounding resistance must not exceed 4 Ω.

5. In order to prevent the lightning rod (wire) from receiving the lightning antenna, the wellhead should not be equipped with a needle arrester. It is better to use a valve arrester or other means of lightning protection.

6. Strengthen mine ventilation management and sprinkle water to reduce dust and coal dust accumulation.

7. Before the abandoned shaft or goaf is closed, all metal conductors in the roadway or in the enclosed area shall be removed to eliminate the passages causing incoming lightning and the lines generating sparks.

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