The internal cooling precision quick change chuck was successfully developed.

In order to achieve no gap between the radial or axial direction of the main body of the quick change chuck and the replaceable shank, the replaceable shank can be replaced at a high speed, and the inside of the cutting portion of the tool during working cutting is realized. Cooling, improve hole processing quality, extend tool life and improve machining efficiency.
The factory developed and invented a high-performance quick-change chuck system. The chuck not only realizes high-precision connection between the replaceable holder and the main body, but also can handle the handle with one-hand operation when the spindle rotates at high speed. With smooth insertion, the internal cooling unit can be opened automatically, and the tool can be internally cooled during machining. When the interchangeable sleeve is removed, the coolant also automatically closes.
In addition, the chuck is equipped with a special tool holder attachment. When the replacement is placed, the tool of the tool holder can be placed downwards and placed in order, which can improve the working environment. The chuck can be applied to all kinds of hole machining machines such as various CNC drilling machines, special machine tools and general machine tools. Product sales are expected after June.

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