The long-term CCH-II ultrasonic foreign fiber removal sorting machine was successfully developed.

Wuxi Hengjiu Electric Technology Co., Ltd., which developed China's first variable frequency cotton self-leveling homogenizer, also celebrated the news of the “CCH-II ultrasonic foreign fiber removal sorting machine” project undertaken by the company. Successful research and development, and once again filled the domestic gap.

The product uses high-tech means combining ultrasonic and photoelectric sensing technology to replace traditional manual sorting, which can greatly reduce the cost of enterprise products, reduce labor and improve production speed. At present, the product has been declared a national invention patent.

Innovation is our responsibility

Since its establishment 20 years ago, Wuxi Hengjiu Electric Technology Co., Ltd. has always insisted on innovation as the eternal theme of enterprise development, and cultivated a strong team of high-quality and fine business with the principle of “only changing the truth”. The generation of high-tech products developed by the company is delivered to cotton textile enterprises.

Since 1991, Wuxi Hengjiu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has successfully applied the frequency conversion technology to the technical transformation of the cleaning machine, and has taken the lead in launching the first clearing frequency self-adjusting leveling instrument in China. So far, the company has more than 3,000 sets (sets) of ZQB series frequency conversion cleaning homogenizers to the market, which has played an important role for textile enterprises in improving product quality, energy saving and consumption reduction in the previous cleaning process. Because of its stable, reliable and easy to operate features, the products are well received by users. Among them, the appearance of CCA type, CCB card self-leveling homogenizer and carding cotton self-leveling instrument greatly improved the unevenness of raw cotton sliver and the quality of the strip, which made the quality of the textile process more stable; The digital intelligent ZQB-8A cleaning cotton leveling instrument was put on the market, which also showed that the long-term company provided high-end technical advantages for mechatronics equipment for textile enterprises. After 20 years of development, Hengjiu Company has developed from a pressure regulating type to a variable frequency type and intelligent type. The scope of application has gradually expanded to various fields such as pure cotton, chemical fiber and blending, and the number of corporate customers has grown to thousands.

Technology as a means

In the development, Wuxi Hengjiu Electric Technology Co., Ltd. takes high-tech as the means and takes scientific and technological progress as the core, always keeps close to the customers, and promotes the policy of “technology-driven, structural adjustment, brand winning, pioneering and enterprising”, with the high-tech of products. Diversified to meet market demand.

In the new century, textile production technology has shown the trend of replacing machinery with electronic technology and replacing artificial with automatic control. As the main product of denim production, the slub yarn is highly sought after by the market because of its diverse colors and beautiful appearance. The “Hengjiu” company seized this opportunity and started from the research and development of the CCZ series of slub yarn devices in a timely manner, providing advanced equipment guarantee for many textile enterprises to develop new products and open up new markets.

Since 2002, Hengjiu has successively launched CCZ-VI simulation system slub yarn device, CCZ-VI servo system slub yarn device, CCZ-VI slub yarn computer control device and CCZ-VII full digital color slub yarn device. These slub yarn devices are suitable for spinning 5 to 80 pieces, regular or irregular slub yarns with a pitch length of 2 cm and a maximum thickness of 6 times. The CAD simulation system can be directly attached to the instrument and equipped with Full digital servo motor drive, with an expert process analysis system that can provide 1800 detailed process calls, and can provide 50 sets of bamboo parameters and 200 process storage calls. Since the product was launched, the order merchants have been in a constant stream and exported to Southeast Asian countries.

Brand as the goal

Creating China's famous brand is the unremitting pursuit of Wuxi Hengjiu Electric Technology Co., Ltd. In cooperation with textile companies, the company learned that one of the biggest headaches for textile companies is the presence of foreign fibers in raw cotton.

After exploration, the technicians of Hengjiu Company developed the photoelectric CCH high-efficiency automatic foreign fiber sorter in 2002. This equipment can be used in combination with a variety of brand cleaning equipment. It can discriminate foreign fibers in a very short time and drive the corresponding high-speed solenoid valve according to the judgment result. The high-pressure steam will be released to spray the foreign fiber out of the cotton pipeline, and then waste. The cotton collection system is processed centrally, and the drawbacks caused by textile companies due to “three wires” are quickly eliminated, and the “permanent” brand effect has increased greatly. The equipment has 1 national invention patent, 1 software copyright and 1 utility model patent, and was rated as “Jiangsu High-tech Product”.

In 2005, Wuxi Hengjiu Electric Technology Co., Ltd. further researched and developed the “Ultrasonic Foreign Fiber Sorter” based on the CCH photoelectric high-efficiency automatic foreign fiber sorter. The innovation of the project is to use ultrasonic and photoelectric sensor parts to obtain signals different from the characteristics of cotton raw materials. Ultrasonic technology and photoelectric technology are combined to implement two levels to remove white and other color foreign fibers in raw cotton.

Talent is the first priority

From the first day of the establishment of the company, Hengjiu Company has closely linked the use of talents to the brand strategy of the company. In “Permanent”, more than 80% of employees have been honed in scientific research or first-line production departments; the company's main leaders have been in advanced education; the company's researchers and consultants are young experts or authorities who are highly accomplished in the industry. . Since 1992, Hengjiu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has held a technical seminar and new product launching conference every year, and invited well-known experts, scholars, business representatives and users to exchange, judge and visit the “Permanent” products. In recent years, Hengjiu has successively won the titles of “Wuxi High-tech Enterprise”, “Wuxi Quality Trustworthy Enterprise” and “Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise”, and its products have also been awarded “Jiangsu High-tech Products” and “Excellent Industry-University Federation”. The second prize of the cooperation project and other honors, "permanent" high-tech products have been widely recognized in the industry.

"The products we have to do must be in the front, the market needs, and high-tech products with high technology content." Zhou Jiheng, general manager of Hengjiu Electric Appliance Co., who just returned from the investigation in Silicon Valley, said: "'Permanent' people With the mission of transferring high technology to many textile industries, in order to live up to the expectations of our customers, we must use new ideas and first-class technology to create the products that the market needs." Recently, the R&D experimental workshop of the “Permanent” new plant located in Wuxi New District with an investment of nearly 20 million yuan and equipped with high-end imported R&D equipment has been completed. Hengjiu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. will enter a new era of history with its new attitude and unique technological advantages.

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