Things to pay attention to in summer car wash

Car washing in the summer is the most experienced thing for every car owner. When it comes to the car, many people feel that car washing is not a skill, and who is not. But this is not the case. The car also has a lot of knowledge. If you don't pay attention to the details, it won't work. Good results will also bring a lot of damage to the car. Today, will give you a summary of the things you need to pay attention to during summer car wash .


1, directly with a high pressure water gun spray / rag


Damaged car index: ★★★★★

A lot of car owners wash the car, step by step to wash the car with a high-pressure water gun, and then gradually scrub. In fact, this is also a car wash misunderstanding. Because, after the vehicle travels for a period of time, there will be dust or small particles on the surface of the vehicle. If you do not need clean water to wash these before washing the car, but directly with a high-pressure water jet or directly wipe with a rag, these dust particles will be "frictional movement" on the paint surface, damage the car body paint.

2. Car wash in strong sunlight


Damaged car index: ★★★★

It is forbidden to wash the car under the scorching sun. It is because after the vehicle is exposed to the sun, the cold paint will break the body paint. Moreover, under the scorching sun, the water droplets on the car will form a convex lens, which will cause some high temperature conditions in the uppermost layer of the paint. After a long time, the paint will lose its luster. Therefore, in summer, car wash must be decided in the case of shelter or morning and thin sun.

3, washing powder car wash

Damaged car index: ★★★★★

The misunderstanding that needs to be avoided is the choice of detergent. A lot of car owners don't buy professional vehicle cleaners, but instead choose to replace them with daily cleaning products. In fact, this is a very bad habit. Because of the different pH of these daily cleaning products, it is quite corrosive to the paint surface of the vehicle.

4, do not wash the car during the rainy season

Damaged car index: ★★★★

During the rainy season, many car owners are not willing to wash the car, thinking that the rain has washed the car clean and there is no need to wash it. In fact, these ideas are all wrong. Because the rain is acidic, if the car is not washed as soon as possible, the rain will erode the paint surface and corrode even the vehicle chassis, which will cause the vehicle to malfunction.

5, frequent car wash

Damaged car index: ★★★★

No matter which event is done, it doesn't help, and the car wash is the same. If the car wash is too frequent, it will greatly accelerate the oxidation of the paint surface, which will make the paint surface dull and tarnished. The term of car washing is generally more appropriate if you choose to wash once a week.

These are the precautions for the summer car wash summarized by Xiaobian. These are some common mistakes in car wash. If you have such a practice, you must make corrections. Do not cause permanent damage to the car because of these wrong practices. We must take the right approach and improve the beauty and cleanliness of the car without damaging the car.

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