Turbocharger for Vw, Audi 2.0 Tfsi (K04 53049880064)

  • Model NO.: Turbocharger(K04-2283)
  • Body Material: Alloy
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Specification: Ts16949
  • HS Code: 841480
  • Type: ETS Exhaust-Gas-Turbo-Super-Charger
  • Certification: TS16949
  • Trademark: CME
  • Origin: China
Turbocharger K04-2283 53049880064 for Audi S3, TT 2.0T, Golf V 2.0T, Seat Leon 2.0 TFSI Cupra
CME Honored turbocharger:
Turbocharger model: K04-2283
Turbocharger Part Number: 5304 988 0064
Turbocharger OEM Number: 06F145702C

Application: S3 2.0 TFSI (8P/PA)
Engine: BHZ
Capacity: 1984 CCM
Power: 265 HP
Build: From Okt. 2006
TT S 2.0 TFSI (8J)
Engine: BHZ
Capacity: 1984 CCM
Power: 272 HP
Build: From Okt. 2006
Leon 2.0 TFSI Cupra
Engine: BWJ / CDLD
Capacity: 1984 CCM
Power: 241 HP
Build: From Okt. 2006
Golf V 2.0 TFSI
Engine: BYD
Capacity: 1984 CCM
Power: 230 HP
Build: Mai. 2010 to Nov. 2008

Country of Origin: China    
Port of Loading at Origin: Shanghai
Product Specifications: Aluminium with no. A102 for Compressor Housing
Steel with no. HT250 for bearing housing
High SI MO Ductile iron for turbing housing
Warranty; half year
Working Temp. 700 center degree to 750 center degree
Working Top limitary Temp. 950 center degree
Turbocharger for Vw, Audi 2.0 Tfsi (K04 53049880064)
Turbocharger for Vw, Audi 2.0 Tfsi (K04 53049880064)

1, What is cold room?

Cold room is a building warehouse using refrigeration machine Cold Room Units to reach a certain temperature and has insulation to hold the temperature.
It is also a constant temperature and humidity storage room for foods, liquid, chemical, pharmaceutical, vaccine, scientific experiments and other items. The refrigeration system of the cold room is still a core component of the construction of the entire Cold Storage Room.
2, Cold room classification:
According to the structure
â—‡ Civil engineering cold room building
â—‡ Steel structure cold room
â—‡ Mixed structure
Mobile Cold Room , Modular Cold Room and Cold Room Container.
According to the cold room usage
â—‡ Production type cold room used in food, meat, fish factory
â—‡ Distribution type cold room used for logistics
â—‡ Retail cold room used for supermarket
â—‡ Household cold room
According to the cold room scale
â—‡ Large Cold Storage over 10,000 tons
â—‡ Medium-sized cold storage 1000-10,000 tons
â—‡ Small cold storage less than 1000 tons
According to the cold room temperature
◇ High temperature Cold Room Chiller room design temperature (-2~8°C)
◇ Medium temperature cold room design temperature (-10~-23°C)
◇ Low temperature Cold Room Freezer Room design temperature (-23~-30°C)
◇ Ultra-low temperature cold room design temperature (-30~-80°C)
According to the cold room goods
â—‡ Seafood and meat cold room
â—‡ Dairy and ice cream cold room
â—‡ Fruit and vegetables cold room
â—‡ Pharmaceutical and chemicals cold room
â—‡ Flower cold storage
3, Cold room refrigerant choice
â—‡Ammonia: the oldest in history, the best choice in the field of industrial refrigeration worldwide. Due to the characteristics of the ammonia system, it is generally used for centralized refrigeration, with a special machine room for large-scale refrigeration systems (more than 10,000 tons of cold storage). There is a trend toward miniaturization and modulation, with an emphasis on improving safety and reducing the amount of charging.
â—‡ Freon: It is widely used in cold storage to disperse refrigeration. It is suitable for small and medium-sized cold storage and large-scale cold storage with limited ammonia. For environmental protection, large-scale cold storage The Freon system should be avoided as much as possible.
â—‡ CO2: The cold storage application is mainly based on cascade system and loading system. The low-temperature field is more suitable for cascade. The high-temperature field is suitable for loading. The cascade system is more expensive than the traditional ammonia and Freon system.
4, Cold room defrosting ways
Hot-gas defrosting
Water defrosting
Electricity defrosting

How is a cold room designed?
A good design of these rooms considers not only the selection of equipment, but its location for a safe access of the personnel. To ensure a safe access and maneuver into the cold room, it is necessary that contractors, engineers and owners participate in the project to determine the selection of a cooling system determined by analyzing life cycle cost and energy efficiency.
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