What kinds of mine ventilation methods are there?

There are three types of mine ventilation methods: extraction type, press-in type and hybrid type.

(1) Withdraw

The main fan is located in the return air well and uses the negative pressure provided by the main fan to extract the dirty air. Withdrawable metal is widely used in the mine ventilation, the advantages are: available auxiliary shaft into the wind, the wind speed small inlet section, good pedestrian, transportation; roadway without special inlet closed and the wellhead; quick exhaust speed The wind flow is mainly regulated in the return air section, which does not hinder the transportation of people, and is easy to maintain and manage; the wind pressure of the mine is in a negative pressure state, and the fire prevention of the spontaneous combustion or the fire of the main fan does not cause the toxic and harmful gas in the goaf suddenly. The gushing aspect is more advantageous. The main disadvantage is that it is difficult to control the air leakage when the working surface communicates with the surface through the collapsed empty area; the dirty wind passes through the main fan and is highly corrosive.
(2) Press-in type

The main fan is located in the intake shaft, and the positive air provided by the main fan is pressed into the fresh air to discharge the dirty air. The utility model has the advantages that: the gob of the gob area, the caving area or the return air section can be used to form the return air of the multi-chamber to reduce the resistance, the amount of the return air passage sealing project is small, the maintenance cost is low; the mine wind pressure is in a positive pressure state. It can reduce the precipitation of toxic and harmful gases in the roadway, empty area and rock cracks; the fresh air flow passes through the main fan and is less corrosive. The main disadvantages are: difficulty in maintenance of the wind inlet and alley; large wind speed in the wind inlet section, unfavorable for pedestrian transportation, poor working conditions; low wind pressure in the return air section, and slow smoke exhaustion.

(3) Hybrid

The main fan of the inlet air well is pressed into the fresh air, and the main fan of the return air well adopts the combined ventilation method of extracting the dirty air. This method combines the advantages of press-in and pull-out, but requires two sets of main fan equipment, which is large in investment and complicated in management.

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