Who is the most profitable to sell a car? Mercedes-Benz earns 35,000 in one car and only 27 in FAW

Car sales prices and profits can be said to be the most direct symbol of the car brand power, just like the Mercedes-Benz brand must be the same as the local brand high-end. Recently, the foreign media used the data of the manufacturer and the data of QUICK FactSet to compare the profits earned by the main business such as automobile sales and loan business and divide it by the global sales volume, and calculated the mainstream car enterprises with annual sales of more than 1 million vehicles per year. The profit of the car.


Japanese companies such as Toyota, Nissan and Honda have adopted the equity method of calculating profit and loss in order to reflect their profits in China, and also eliminated temporary losses related to Takada airbags. So in the global automotive industry, who is the most profitable?

The data shows that Daimler Company ranked first in the first place, its bicycle profit reached 35,500 yuan, the second is BMW's pursuit, bicycle profit reached 33,800 yuan, it is not difficult to understand, as the world's most The two powerful luxury car brands have a high brand premium and a strong brand appeal. From the average price of new cars in the United States, Daimler and BMW both exceeded 50,000 US dollars (ie 340,000 yuan), significantly higher than other car companies and brands.


Japan's Subaru ranks third, and Subaru has made great profits by targeting the US market. Last year, Subaru sold nearly 700,000 units in the US market, accounting for 66% of the total sales of 1.06 million units. Among the ten most worthwhile four-wheel drive models evaluated by US authorities, Subaru has five models on the list. However, in the Chinese market, the annual sales volume was only 31,000 units last year, and the risk of delisting was severe.

Although Toyota and Volkswagen are the two largest automakers in the world, the Volkswagen is slightly inferior to Toyota in terms of bicycle profit. The data shows that the profit of a Toyota car is about 17800 yuan, while Volkswagen's bicycle profit is only 12,500 yuan. Toyota's 2017 annual sales growth rate is only 2%. Promote the activities of its subsidiaries to reduce costs, reduce costs and increase the profit per vehicle. Volkswagen's operating profit in the Chinese market, which ranks first in terms of sales share, reached 4.7 billion euros, which is 30% of the company's overall. On the other hand, development costs have increased due to the problem of diesel vehicle exhaust gas detection fraud and the shift to pure electric vehicles.


In terms of the profit of each car, it is China's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, which is in line with Honda and Europe-Pacific Fiat Chrysler Automobile Company (FCA). Geely acquired Volvo Cars in Sweden in 2010, and the sales of new cars using Volvo's development technology are strong. Last year, Geely Automobile sold 1.24 million new cars and the profit of bicycles was about 8,500 yuan. This figure has surpassed Nissan, General Motors, Ford, Renault and other large international automobile companies.

On the other hand, although China First Automobile Group sold 3.34 million units, most of them are joint venture products. Therefore, the profit of each vehicle of FAW is only 27 yuan. If the joint venture is to lie down and make money, it means this steam. The loss of independent brands is more serious.


Previously, "Daily Car" also ranked the profit of bicycles through the financial data of listed companies. Among them, commercial vehicles and new energy vehicles ranked higher in terms of higher selling prices, and there were also profitable losses. In addition to special factors, the loss of the enterprise has already sounded the alarm for the development of the car enterprise.

In fact, as the automotive industry will enter the general direction of autonomous driving, electrification, connected cars and environmental protection, the practical stage of various advanced technologies. It is difficult for each manufacturer to raise the upfront costs separately, and the actions to pursue scale advantages will accelerate. In addition to the brand appeal, the cleverness of future cooperation strategies may also affect the profit of each vehicle. At the same time, the development of the international situation will also bring about changes in the cost of the automotive industry.


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