Zero emissions, zero pollution, affordable price, the first pure electric lighter to achieve mass production

Recently, Nanjing Iveco's first batch of pure electric light passengers was officially delivered and used, breaking the gap in mass production of pure electric vehicles in China's light passenger industry. This is another milestone for the Chinese automotive industry in the field of pure electric vehicles. In the spring of 2009, in the new energy automobile market, the ascendant pure electric vehicles won the top spot.

Pure electric car into a key development direction

In the "two sessions" in 2009, "new energy" can be described as a concern. Tu Jie, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), on the "Assembly of the China New Energy Automobile Company as soon as possible" in the "two sessions," has aroused widespread concern among the participants. According to Wan Gang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Minister of Science and Technology, according to the plan, China 4 to 6 The industrialization of zero-emission vehicles will be completed during the year. The representatives of the "two sessions" and the members' attention to new energy vehicles coincided with China's policy of supporting the development of new energy sources.

In the R&D layout of new energy vehicles in China, pure electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, and hybrid “troika” are all in parallel. However, compared with the other two new energy vehicles, pure electric vehicles have advantages in both technology and enterprise participation, and their zero-emission, zero-pollution environmental advantages and price advantages relative to other new energy vehicles It is more easily recognized by the public.

Through national industrial policies, it is not difficult to find that pure electric vehicles have already become a key development direction of the automotive industry.

The first pure electric lighter to achieve mass production

From the policy of the east wind to China's auto companies see new vitality, more and more companies began to get involved in pure electric vehicles. At the Beijing Auto Show last year, Nanjing Iveco exhibited a "zero-emission" electric version of the Baodi Lightbus, becoming the first light commercial vehicle company to master pure electric drive technology. In the spring of 2009, Chery's first pure electric car S18 was officially put on the market and is expected to be put on the market within the year. Beiqi pure electric car “MiDi” also came to the news that it will go offline within the year, and the pure electric car has become the market’s ".

However, if pure electric vehicles really want to enter the stage of industrialization, they must first solve the real problems from sample to product, from concept to application. At this point, the Chinese bus industry is at the forefront. Last year's Beijing Olympic Games was a large-scale exercise for electric buses in China. 50 pure electric vehicles served in the Olympic Village and showed the world the development level of pure electric vehicles in China's commercial vehicle industry. This year, Ankai, the leading domestic electric bus company, received a large list of 30 pure electric buses. In addition, in the urban public transport field, pure electric vehicles have also been put into use. In Hangzhou, Zhuzhou and other cities, all can see pure electric buses. China's light commercial vehicle companies also accelerated the pace of mass production of pure electric vehicles. In mid-March, Nanjing Iveco took the lead to deliver 10 pure electric light passengers to the State Grid Local Electric Power Bureau. This is China's light commercial vehicle company for the first time to achieve pure electric light passenger volume production.

Electric vehicle charging station is expected to be built in Beijing

In addition to bulk procurement of pure electric vehicles as a service support vehicle, the State Grid plans to build electric vehicle charging stations in major cities such as Beijing and Guangzhou before 2010, which clearly provides practical support for the production of pure electric vehicles in China.

In addition to the State Grid, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo featuring environmental protection and ecology will also be the stage for pure electric vehicles. According to reports, Nanjing Iveco has now become the only designated light commercial vehicle supplier for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

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