·Zhengzhou Xingzhong Tire held the annual meeting of dealers

On February 28th, Zhengzhou Xingzhong Tire Sales Co., Ltd. 2018 dealer annual meeting was held in Zhengzhou, Henan.

Tire World Network was informed that the theme of the conference was “together and gather together”. Relevant persons from Dianquan Tire, Xingyuan Tire and Linglong Tire attended the meeting.

Zhao Xiaoqiang, general manager of Zhengzhou Xingzhong Tire Co., gave a speech at the meeting.

He believes that at present, the macroeconomic situation has stabilized as a whole, the domestic tire industry has been shuffled, and some brands have become over-the-top, and the oligarchic pattern is taking shape.

Zhao Xiaoqiang said that in 2018, Xingzhong Tire Co., Ltd. will work with all retailers to cope with market challenges and develop together.

Shanghai Shuangqian Tire Sales Co., Ltd. Sales Minister Gao Feng, Shanghai Shuangqian Tire Sales Co., Ltd. Manager Chen Qingguo, Xingyuan Group Sales Company Deputy General Manager Li Changfeng, Linglong Tire Sales Manager Mao Yupeng, Bohua Auto Parts General Manager Ye Tongqing, etc., respectively delivered speeches .

According to Tire World Network, Zhengzhou Xingzhong Tire Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It is a commerce and trading company for truck and bus tires and supporting services. It mainly acts as the returning and flying brand of Shuangqian Group, and the Anguangda brand of Xingyuan Group. Exquisite tires.

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